Industrial CCTV Surveillance System

VEZCO recognizes the importance of industry as the engine of the economy.

Its main concern is to offer a high standard of monitoring solutions to ensure its protection. CCTV surveillance system is becoming very common in industries and factory outlets. The number of CCTV camera dealers has also increased. There are several reasons as to why a CCTV camera is used in these areas.
Reasons for CCTV Surveillance in Industries & Factory

Reduces Theft

May it be the theft by a burglar or by the employees; CCTV system is always a better option to reduce theft. The employees will be afraid that they might get caught if they steal anything and the burglars would be afraid that he would be recognized in the system and it will be easy to track him down.
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Increases Employee Productivity

Being under CCTV surveillance is like being under the manager’s nose. Employees will be motivated to work as there is someone who is always watching them. The usage of computer for social network sites, games and other fun activities that reduces the productivity would be reduced.
Cameras CCTV Systems for Industrial

Benefits During any Accident

In the case of any problem, the authorities can use CCTV as a proof. The video can be stored for a few days and hence, in case of any mishap, the police and the court can use this as a proof to help you.
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Protect your Property from Accidents

Fires, vandalism and any bad behavior that can destroy the factory property can be identified by appointing a person to watch the footages regularly. CCTV has a high possibility of spotting the fire sooner than a fire alarm in a remote area.